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Enterprise Content Management (ECM) is a term that means different things at different levels of an organization. IT teams will readily recognize the acronym as the software that helps store and distribute documents and data that are vital components of standard operating procedures. However, the operational side of an organization is typically less concerned with the form ECM technology takes so long as it serves to facilitate administrative workflows.

From whichever angle it is approached, PTFS’s Knowvation™ application gives organizations the control they need over their content. From consolidating storage resources to enabling agile collaboration, Knowvation™ gets mission-critical information where it needs to go in a fraction of the time.

Benefits of Knowvation™

Today’s businesses face threats, such as high costs, unnecessary legal risks, and inefficient productivity, when their corporate content is unstructured and disorganized. In the current enterprise environment, business continuity and efficiency rely on organized and manageable corporate data. PTFS’s enterprise content management solution can help businesses manage the complexities of their corporate information by combining Knowvation™ with experienced staff to organize content in the most accessible and secure format possible.

Knowvation™ is a Web-based, Commercial-off-the-Shelf (COTS) ECM solution that has active installations worldwide supporting thousands of users. As a COTS product, Knowvation™ makes implementation quick and simple while the intuitive and easy-to-use interface means even novice users can find the information they need without any programming knowledge required.

Smarter Searching

Advanced search and retrieval features put Knowvation™ users at a distinct advantage. It starts with a semantic indexing process based on terms, concepts and phrases. This allows the search engine to intelligently pull related results even when users are not exactly sure what they are looking for or what may be buried in the organization’s archives.

When discovering content, users have many configurable options to define where and how they search, including pattern, concept, and Boolean modes. With more than 100 metadata fields available for categorizations, the net can be cast as wide or narrow as needed to locate or explore content both accurately and efficiently. Furthermore, support for 225 different files types and its 100 percent browser-based interface makes Knowvation™ as portable as it is powerful, providing a comprehensive solution to the ever-evolving ECM needs of the modern organization.

Advanced Administrative Tools

PTFS understands that ECM doesn't stop with simple search and discovery. Instead, a vast array of administrator tools put users in position to interact with content at a much deeper level. For example, Knowvation™ enables faster, more reliable reporting procedures.

Original materials are always preserved as a precaution, but version changes are also automatically recorded to help establish a clear chain of custody, as well as the date, location and reason for revisions. Administrators can even go a step further by looking into an individual user's search activities to make sure they are both in compliance and in alignment with organizational objectives and best practices.

Effortless Extension

Although Knowvation™ boasts the simplicity inherent to any COTS product, advanced users should know that the sky is the limit. Scalable, extensible and customizable are much more than buzzwords. As PTFS customers ranging from the National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency to the United States Air Force will tell you, Knowvation™ is a platform capable of facilitating and/or launching an endless variety of ECM objectives and future ambitions.

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