Drones Descend on the Commercial Sector

The geospatial technology industry is abuzz about drones and the wide expanse of use that may be implemented for the innovative practice. In particular, the commercial sector may greatly benefit from offerings of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), which cost about $1,000.


Drones may be beneficial to public safety as first responders to emergencies will be able to capitalize on reconnaissance to assess environmental damages, conduct a thorough search for survivors of mishaps and effectively deliver medical supplies.


The innovative practice also can be a boon for the agriculture industry. While farmers seek increased efficiency and effective ways of surveying the land, the opportunity to invest is ripe. Roughly 80 percent of commercial UAV investments may derive from agricultural sector.


Realtors also have the opportunity to capitalize on UAVs. Agents may more easily evaluate and present assorted properties, which may be touted in a method far more innovative. News and other media outlets may use UAVs for the purposes of taking photographs and video footage as part of a drive to snap original pictures from myriad angles.


Unmanned Aerial Vehicles equipped with geospatial intelligence capacities help preserve safety, assist with the development of commerce, aid with residence and enhance the quality of media entertainment.