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Droneware™ on AWS Marketplace

The first ever cloud based GeoCMS developed specifically for utilization by drone users. Droneware™ is now available on the Amazon Marketplace providing amazing capabilities for pennies per hour!


Droneware™ is a geospatial content management system (GeoCMS) that utilizes drone GPS coordinates to allow drone-captured sensor data to be managed, searched, browsed, retrieved, and displayed geospatially on a base map. Droneware is hosted on Amazon’s Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2)  and is accessible from anywhere in the world 24x7. Droneware’s catalog of geospatially tagged data can be used for analytics or just plain fun! 

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Amazon AWS Advantages 

  • EC2 delivers the financial benefits of Amazon's scale. There is a very low competitive rate for the compute capacity actually consumed.
  • Amazon AWS provides a seamless Droneware GeoCMS solution for cents per hour and a discounted annual subscription offers a 25% discount. View Pricing
  • A Droneware Amazon Machine Image (AMI) can be deployed in 10 minutes or less: 
  • EC2 is secure and utilizes an end-to-end approach to protect and harden infrastructure, including physical, operational and software measures.
  • Based upon computing requirements, CPU configurations, memory, storage, and networking capacity options are offered by selecting different AWS virtual computing environment instances. This allows delivery of a solution that meets required price points.

A Few Droneware Highlights:

  • Droneware combines full text and geospatial Areas of Interest (AOI) search to locate required information quickly, efficiently and accurately.
  • Droneware provides geotagging capability for data that is not tagged.  A single point or geospatial area can be assigned to any file easily with graphical tools.
  • Droneware’s image support includes JPEG, JPEG 2000 and high resolution digital negative formats from Canon and Nikon, as well as the Adobe Digital Negative (DNG) format.