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ArchivalWare and Koha

ArchivalWare DLS integrates Koha open source ILS tools with PTFS ArchivalWare content management software to provide a single practical solution to support 100% of the library's automation requirements. Libraries are now able to acquire, describe, circulate, and maintain both print and digital collections from a single application at an affordable cost.

By integrating ArchivalWare with Koha, this sophisticated next-generation system allows libraries, information centers, museums, and other cultural institutions to manage all of their collections and related workflow processes using a core Web-based toolset accessing a relational database(s).

One Application

ArchivalWare DLS gives libraries the tools they need to manage both electronic and hard copy formats. Library visitors can search, locate and checkout texts and materials with 3 clicks of a mouse.

Web Based

ArchivalWare DLS is completely web based - staff access, research access, and system admin access. Queries can be conducted over a variety of information resources in one browser based search tool.

Sample Supported Born Digital and Digitized Media Types

Documents Video
Books Audio
Newspapers Photographs
Binders Other Electronically Published Materials